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About Us

Dripset is a sportswear & athleisure brand, manufacturer and online retailer based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are supported by our highly engaged athletes and social media followers and customers all over the world. We also create tailor made pieces for our sports teams and corporate clients.

 Dripset is one of the fastest growing and most recognisable sportswear brands in Nigeria. This growth is fueled by a strong passion for sports and fitness as well as our devotion to producing innovative and effective performance wear.

We are here to help our community unlock their full potential and expose them to a world of opportunities to achieve greatness.


Our Core Values

Work Ethic We firmly believe in a relentless approach to achieving our goals. We are always hungry for more success.

Innovation We want to remain as efficient as possible and so we are constantly looking for and learning ways to improve.

Consistency We motivate our athletes and community alike to show up everyday and get it done!

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